My ideal school

Ksenija’s vision of a perfect school



                                                      By  Ksenija Brajović  VIII 1



       My ideal school is near a river.It’s surrounded by a forest.It’s a boarding school for both boys and girls.Pupils share rooms in groups.

      Students  must wear uniforms-white shirts,blue jackets and blue jeans or skirts.There are many facilities such as a computer room,library, theatre,recording studio and a science laboratory.For those who like sports there’s an indoor swimming pool,a football pitch and a tennis court.

       In each class there are 25-30 students.Classes last half an hour.A typical school day looks like this:Classes are from 8:30 to 10:00.Then it’s breakfast time.More classes from 11:00 to 12:30.After-school clubs start at 1 PM.Students choose the clubs.They can study science,music,drama or they can practise football,tennis,swimming.Also,they can learn how to fish since the school is near a river.

      It’s lunchtime at 3 PM.Students relax in their rooms until 5 PM.Then they study or do their homework.Dinner is at 7.30.After dinner they have fun in their common room.They watch TV,listen to music,dance or just hang around and chat.

      Although the school is an enjoyable place there are certain rules that students have to obey.No fights are allowed.Students must  take good care of school property.They must do their homework and projects on time and are not allowed to leave school on weekdays.



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